July 2016
7/20/16: WHO Ranking of Antimicrobials According to their Importance in Human Medicine
7/14/16: The Superbugs are Quietly Amassing their Forces -- and We're Helping Them
7/12/16: Superbug Gene Detected in a Second Person in the U.S.
7/6/16: Do You Really Need Antibiotics? This Test Can Tell

February 2016
2/27/16: Antibiotic-free Chicken Chasing Cage-free Eggs
2/22/16: 'Pandemic' Asks: Is a Disease that will Kill Tens of Millions Coming?

December 2015
12/29/15: Opinion: Stop Giving Antibiotics to Cows, Pigs and Chickens Now
12/10/15: How to Use Antibiotics Responsibly

September 2015
9/8/15: Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance at Global and Local Scales

February 2015
2/26/15: Emanuel Proposes $2B Prize to Address Antibiotic Crisis
2/10/15: We are Stopping Antibiotic Resistance Evolution: Wastewater & Health

December 2014
12/23/14: FDA Backs Cubist's antibiotic Zerbaxa
12/22/14: 2014 in Review: Animal Antibiotics

September 2014
9/7/2014: Each Day in the Hospital Raises Risk of Multidrug-Resistant Infection
9/7/2014: Inexpensive Lab Test Identifies Resistant Infections in Hours
9/6/2014: Antibiotic Stewardship Programs Reduce Costs, Improve Outcomes
9/4/14: IDSA Convenes New National Stakeholder Group on Antimicrobial Resistance; Calls for Comprehensive and Coordinated U.S. Strategy
9/3/14: Antibiotics Eliminated in Hatchery, Perdue Says
9/3/14: CDC Releases New Statement on Sepsis, Calls for More Education, Action

August 2014
8/13/14: MRSA is a Major Global Health Threat
8/13/14: California Antibiotics Bill Closer to Becoming Law
8/12/14: FDA's National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS) 2011 Executive Report
8/8/14: Global leaders raise alarm on antibiotic resistance
8/5/14: STOP THE SUPERBUGS:MASSPIRG Calls for End to Antibiotic Abuse on Factory Farms

July 2014
7/25/14: Ruling on FDA’s Oversight of Animal Antibiotic Use Called a ‘Big Blow to Public Health
7/23/14: Antibiotic-resistant Infections on the Rise
7/15/14: $17.1 Million Dollar Prize for Solving Antibiotic Resistance
7/15/14: Updated UTI Guidelines-Ignorance Might Be Bliss: Asymptomatic Bacteriuria; read the 2005 guidelines
7/15/14: Antibiotic Resistant Salmonella Paves the Way for Typhoid Fever Resurgence
7/11/14: What the Forthcoming PCAST White House Report on Antibiotic Resistance Will Ask For
7/10/14: Global antibiotic consumption 2000 to 2010: an analysis of national pharmaceutical sales data
7/9/14: Last-Resort Antibiotics In Jeopardy As Use Rises Globally 

June 2014
6/30/14: FDA Secures Full Industry Engagement on Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy
6/30/14: Keeping You Informed: An Update on FDA’s Judicious Use Strategy for Antimicrobial Drugs in Food-Producing Animals
6/24/14: US and EU policies on sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics in food animals
6/13/14: Antibiotic-Resistant 'Nightmare Germs' Found Across Florida
6/12/14: Pets may transmit antibiotic-resistant infections to humans
6/12/14: Doctors Urge Quick Action on Bill to Develop New Antibiotics
6/11/14: Very Serious Superbugs in Imported Seafood
6/6/14: When the worst medical advice comes from the patient
6/6/14: Early Exposure To Bacteria Protects Children From Asthma And Allergies
6/4/14: Cloaked "Phantom" Bacteria Threaten the Middle East
6/4/14: NOT ALL GERMS ARE CREATED EQUAL: New Documentary Resistance, presented by Applegate, Sounds the Alarm on Superbugs
6/4/14: The Grim Prospect Of Life Without Antibiotics
6/4/14: Single Dose of Antibiotic Found Effective in Quelling MRSA
6/2/14: E-cigarettes are making drug-resistant bacteria more aggressive
6/1/14: Why antibiotics are making us all ill

April 2014

4/30/14: WHO's Antimicrobial Resistance global report on surveillance 2014
4/4/14: Sneak Peek: What the White House is Thinking About Antibiotic Resistance
4/4/14: PCAST webinar on antimicrobial resistance

March 2014

3/26/14: FDA Update on Animal Pharmaceutical Industry Response to Guidance #213

September 2013

09/18/13: New test aims to better detect viral infections
09/18/13: UK's new AMR strategy calls for global action
09/18/13: US CDC releases extensive report quantifying the threat of antibiotic resistance
09/12/13: Researchers make major breakthrough in understanding antibiotic-resistant bacteria
09/09/13: 5 important developments in C. difficile management
09/06/13: Antibiotic resistant Salmonella can now be tracked from farm to fork
09/04/13: New FDA warnings for fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics
09/01/13: Is handling money making you sick? Study aims to find out

August 2013
08/28/13: New system paves the way for antibiotic-free poultry
08/26/13: WHO hand hygiene strategy aims to reduce HAIs
08/22/13: Former FDA commissioner cautions against antibiotic use on farms
08/20/13: Antibiotics Do's and Don'ts Doctors Too Often Prescribe 'Big Guns'; Impatient Patients Demand a Quick Fix
08/15/13: Antibiotic class changes should be considered to reduce resistance
08/12/13: FDA says certain livestock antibiotics will now require veterinary oversight
08/05/13: Nightmare Bacteria Attack an ICU and Close a Burn Unit
08/01/13: Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases to host Gram Negative "Superbug" meeting

July 2013
07/31/13: Internet-based training could help in the fight against antibiotic resistance 
07/30/13: Reducing antibiotics consumption does not necessarily reduce resistance, research says
07/18/13: Pharmacist-driven ASP can decrease antimicrobial expenditure, shorten duration of therapy
07/17/13: Stopgap for antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea found, CDC says
07/15/13: "Is my kid's infection viral or bacterial?" New test may offer clues
07/08/13: Eight solutions from the G8 summit to curb antibiotic resistance
07/02/13: Study says MRSA can jump from animals to humans
07/01/13: Interventions Improve Cleaning of C. difficile Isolation Rooms

June 2013
6/27/13: Oral antibiotics correlated with antibiotic resistance
6/24/13: Kids' Sinusitis Might Not Need Antibiotics, New Guidelines Say
6/20/13: APUA published in NEJM: Nutrition Group cautions the misuse of antibiotics to treat malnutrition
6/19/13: Children given antibiotics in first year 'more likely to develop eczema'
6/18/13: FDA backs off on regulation of fecal transplants
6/17/13: CDC study finds fecal contamination in pools
6/13/13: Britain urges G8 nations to crack down on antibiotics
6/12/13: Program helped pediatricians limit antibiotic use
6/11/13: Gonorrhea drug resistance recedes with new U.K. approach
6/7/13: STAAR Act introduced to Congress to combat antimicrobial resistance
6/6/13: Azithromycin, a popular antibiotic receives stronger heart risk warning
6/5/13: Obama administration seeks To ease approvals for antibiotics
6/4/13: Fecal transplants may stall as FDA cracks down on docs
6/3/13: Pressure Grows to Create Drugs for Superbugs;
6/1/13: Should The FDA Mess With The Success Of Fecal Transplants And Tighten Regulations? 

May 2013
5/31/13: Probiotics with antibiotics may prevent diarrhea
5/30/13: Winning the MRSA battle in hospitals
5/29/13: NYT article on how hospitals are pushing staff to wash hands
5/28/13: Changing gut bacteria through diet affects brain function
5/24/13: FDA cracks down on fecal transplants
5/22/13: Vitamin C boosts antibiotics, may kill drug-resistant TB
5/21/13: UK government preparing to launch five-year plan for tackling antibiotic resistance
5/20/13: Schizophrenia drugs that can kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria
5/17/13: Tetracycline resistance transported via air movement
5/16/13: Fecal Transplant: FDA Wants Regulation
5/15/13: Could Adaptable Bacteria Cause Repeat Urinary Tract Infections?
5/14/13: Antibiotics for back pain: hope or hype?
5/13/13: Nanoparticle hybridization device to detect antimicrobial resistance
5/10/13: Bacteria are becoming bolder
5/9/13: 1 in 12 Canadian patients have a superbug
5/8/13: Copper alloy in lowering MRSA and VRE infection rates
5/7/13: Anti-depressants link to CDI
5/6/13: Dr. Sanjay Gupta weighs in on the prudent use of antibiotics  
5/2/13: CDI is misdiagnosed in 23% of patients in Europe
5/1/13: FDA Cautions Against Antibiotics for People with Heart Problems  

April 2013  
4/29/13: A surge in hospital superbug-fighting products
4/27/13: Senators ask FDA for more transparency in food animal antibiotics data
4/26/13: MDR-TB and the antibiotic drought
4/25/13: $53.5M request for federal funds to fight gonorrhea-resistance
4/22/13: APUA mentioned in article about antibiotic resistance and prevention methods
4/21/13: Antibiotics missing from US drug pipeline
4/19/13: Solar-powered proteins to filter harmful antibiotics from water
4/18/13: Sparse crop of antibiotics to confront superbugs
4/15/13: Klebsiella ranks as the most worrisome superbug
4/11/13: Antibiotics prescribing rates vary by region
4/10/13: Traces of horse drug, bute, found in British beef products
4/9/13: MRSA Colonization of the Groin and Risk for Clinical Infection among HIV-infected Adults
4/8/13: Biofilm used to identify deadly bacteria in hospitals
4/6/13: Downsizing antibiotics R&D--are antibotics the victims of their own success?
4/5/13: Superbugs are a 'costly war', CNBC
4/4/13: Antibiotic resistance on the rise in India
4/3/13: Hospitals battle surge in superbugs & KPC
4/2/13: Gene Sequencing Pinpoints Antibiotic Resistance Moving From Livestock to Humans
4/1/13: APUA comments on the role of hygiene in combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria and patient safety in USA Today 

March 2013
3/29/13: Antihistamine Meds May Raise Risk for C.diff
3/28/13: Scientists map protein that creates antibiotic resistance
3/27/13: APUA's Dr. Levy identifies unique mechanisms of a clinical isolate of E. coli resistant to CREs
3/22/13: 3/24: World TB Day. Learn more about MDR and XDR-TB
3/21/13: New petition for FDA to halt antibiotic use in fuel byproduct sold as animal feed
3/20/13: Lengthy antibiotic use common in elderly
3/19/13: The risks & rewards of antibiotics
3/18/13: A call for Congressional hearings about the rise in superbugs
3/13/13: The role of soil, bacteria, and antibiotics resistance
3/12/13: Dramatic increase in infections caused by drug-resistant E.coli
3/11/13: Data on use of antibiotics in Europe from the ECDC
3/10/13: C.diff prevention activities fail to halt infection
3/7/13: Additional press on the rise and dangers of CRE in US
3/6/13: CDC releases new report on CRE infections and AMR
3/5/13: German Parliament proposes strict measures to cut antibiotic use

February 2013
2/28/13: 25% increase in cases of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea in England
2/27/13: CDC reports a rare superbug jump in the US
2/26/13: APUA & other health leaders call on Congress for more antibiotics data in ADUFA
2/25/13: Antibiotics as pollutants: evolutionary consequences of antibiotic use on the microbiome
2/22/13: A new innovative stewardship program saves costs and tackles C.diff rates in Canada
2/22/13: Dermcidin, chemical in sweat, found to kill harmful germs and may be used to develop infection-fighting drugs
2/20/13: Dialysis, emergency surgery linked to C. diff infection after colectomy
2/19/13: CDC unveils redesigned National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) website
2/18/13: uBiome project: potential links between the microbiome and disease
2/18/13: A call for antimicrobial drug development for gonorrhea
2/15/13: Surveillance finds 75.7% of C. difficile reports were in patients aged 65 years and over in England
2/14/13: Researchers embark on an £8m project to discover new antibiotics at the bottom of the ocean
2/14/13: Study shows C.diff harder to cure in older patients
2/12/13: China’s Overuse of Antibiotics inLivestock May Threaten Human Health
2/12/13: High prevalence of drug-resistant MRSA found in nursing homes
2/11/13: NIH Scientists Discover Promising Target to Block Staphylococcus Infection
2/11/13: Poor Health Literacy Among Latinos Linked To An Increase In Antimicrobial Resistance
2/7/13: NY Congresswoman speaks about the dangers of antibiotic use in food animals
2/5/13: Scientists find a way to weaken E.Coli
2/4/13: FDA public hearing: Limited Population Antimicrobial Drug approval
2/3/13: NPR reports "Got A Superbug? Bring In The Robots"

January 2013
1/30/13: Cystic Fibrosis Hope: Scientists Target Switch in Fatal Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug
1/29/13: Shanghai researchers discover how bacteria develop antibiotic resistance
1/24/13: Chief Medical Officer for England warns MPs about Antibiotic 'apocalypse'
1/24/13: The Future of Antibiotics and Resistance - NEJM
1/24/13: Multidrug-resistant CRKP bacteria a growing threat in US
1/23/13: Chennai Declaration holds key for antibiotic resistance
1/23/13: Emerging Antibiotic Resistance in Listeria
1/19/13: Survey Finds Shortage Of TB Medicines In U.S
1/16/13: Ornamental fish industry faces increasing resistance problems
1/15/13: UK Government Takes Ag Antibiotics Seriously
1/14/13: New Superbug Prompts Hospital Screening in Canada
1/9/13: World Economic Forum Highlights Antibiotic Resistance
1/8/13: Antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea threat rises in North America

December 2012
12/31/12: F.D.A. Approves Drug for Resistant Tuberculosis
12/21/12: MRSA found in our milk: Superbug strain is resistant to antibiotics
12/20/12: Global Resurgence of drug-resistant TB Amplifies U.S. Risk
12/11/12: EU Parliament calls for immediate action to tackle AMR
12/10/12: How A Superbug Traveled The World
12/9/12: NYTimes Op-Ed: Let’s Gang Up on Killer Bugs
12/5/12: MDR A. baumannii survives current hospital cleaning practices
12/4/12: Copper prevents horizontal gene transfer on surfaces

November 2012
11/29/12: CRE threatens to change the face of health care
11/26/12: Resistance to Important Antibiotic May Develop in Soil
11/26/12: Belgian biotech company discovers novel class of antibiotics
11/23/12: Mumbai might be on the brink of drug-resistant TB epidemic
11/14/12: APUA letter in the Financial Times (free account needed to view)
11/13/12: Many Americans Still in the Dark About Antibiotic Resistance
11/13/12: Southeast US paying health price for high antibiotic use
11/13/12: Bacteria Becoming More Resistant To Antibiotics
11/6/12: MRSA Found in U.S. Wastewater Treatment Plants
11/5/12: Antibiotics -- friend or foe?
11/2/12: Pneumonia Prevalence Highest of Health Care-Associated Infections
11/2/12: Joint effort will explore alternative to antibiotics for raising pork
11/1/12: Metabolomics shows how Antibiotics attack Tuberculosis

October 2012
10/30/12: Honeybees harbor antibiotic-resistance genes
10/30/12: Hunt for superbugs in Australian animals
10/29/12: HAI policy: Has pay-for-performance changed anything?
10/22/12: Germs Are Us: Bacteria make us sick. Do they also keep us alive?
10/19/12: Antibiotic Delivery Could Be Revolutionized By Cholera Discovery
10/18/12: Study succeeds in cutting inappropriate antibiotic prescribing by pediatricians
10/18/12: Bacteriophage Effective Against Lung Infections
10/17/12: Tuberculosis effort in real danger - WHO
10/17/12: Bloodstream infections in ICUs cut by 44 percent
10/16/12: Rep. Waxman plans to introduce a bill to document the use of antibiotics in livestock
10/15/12: UAE doctors call for urgent action to stop superbug as 100s catch MRSA
10/15/12: An update on NRDC court wins on antibiotic use in livestock: FDA appeals the decisions
10/15/12: Researchers develop two ultra-rapid tests for diagnosis of antibiotic resistance
10/15/12: Antibiotic contamination threatens marine bacteria and the spread of resistance to humans via seafood
10/11/12: Wins and Losses for Antibiotic Innovation
10/11/12: Hospitals Working Together To Control Hospital-Acquired Infections
10/11/12: Huffington Post: Farm Antibiotics Are Keeping You Sick
10/11/12: Huffington Post: Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea: Is The Antibiotic Era Coming To An End?
10/10/12: Experimental Antimicrobial Technology Could Decrease Transmission of Hospital Pathogens
10/8/12: FDA’s Antibacterial Drug Development Task Force created on Sept. 24
10/4/12: Promising new treatment for Clostridium Difficile Colitis suggested by research in mice
10/3/12: Chloroquine Makes Comeback to Combat Malaria
10/2/12: New antibiotic cures disease by disarming pathogens, not killing them
10/1/12: Spread of Resistant Salmonella Strain That Kills 1 in 4 Linked to HIV

September 2012
9/27/12: Consumers Union asks Trader Joe's to stop selling meat raised on antibiotics
9/26/12: A cure to superbugs lives in your eyes
9/26/12: Variation in antibiotic prescribing hints at overuse
9/24/12: Viruses help scientists battle pathogenic bacteria and improve water supply
9/21/12: Ciprofloxacin use is major contributor to MRSA spread in hospitals
9/19/12: New push to reduce antibiotic use in farm animals
9/17/12: Research promises better tuberculosis treatment
9/10/12: Popular Antibiotics May Carry Serious Side Effects
9/10/12: New Strep Throat Guidelines Tackle Antibiotic Resistance
9/9/12: Cave bacteria could help develop future antibiotics
9/6/12: Florida Stops Outbreak of Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae
9/4/12: Stanford Organics Study: 33% greater risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in non-organic pork and chicken
9/4/12: Environmental 'Gene-Swapping' May Play Part in Antibiotic Resistance

August 2012
8/28/12: Vitamin B3 may help fight staph infections
8/28/12: Antibiotic residue in Sausage May Promote Pathogen Survival
8/27/12: How Gut Bugs Make You Sick - Or Well
8/22/12: NIH uses genome sequencing to help quell bacterial outbreak in Clinical Center
8/21/12: Antibiotic Use in Infants May Raise Obesity Risk
8/21/12: C. difficile deadlier and more common than previously thought
8/13/12: A non-antibiotic approach for treating UTIs
8/13/12: Scientists find a new approach for detecting resistant TB
8/10/12: CDC issues new treatment guidelines for gonorrhea in an effort to battle multidrug-resistantN. gonorrhoeae
8/8/12: Federal Court tells FDA: No more delays in regulating antibiotic use in livestock
8/6/12: Novel antibiotic developed from marine organisms
8/1/12: NARMS finds that Salmonella and Campylobacter strains grew in resistance in 2010, others fell

July 2012
7/31/12: WHO suggests pilot project to make HIV prevention drug Truvada cheaply available in low-income countries
7/26/12: HHS seeking comments on Action Plan to combat HAIs in long-term care facilities
7/24/12: ASM voices concerns about FDA guidances, points out scientific evidence
7/18/12: FDA must regulate HIV prevention drug Truvada more strictly to prevent emergence of drug-resistant HIV
7/16/12: Two MRSA outbreaks associated with resse of single-dose vials
7/11/12: Silk proteins stabilize vaccines and antibiotics for months without refrigeration
7/11/12: Discovery of new vaccine candidate against Pseudomonas aeruginosa
7/10/12: FDA draft Guidance #213 open for comments until Thursday, July 12!
7/5/12: Controversial experimentation with H1N1 genome yields H5 HA/H5N1 - transmissible among mammals
7/3/12: APUA campaign to strengthen FDA draft Guidance #213: 9 days left!

June 2012
6/28/12: PDUFA V passes Senate to become lawincludes GAIN Act
6/28/12: Updated CDC recommendations: carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE)
6/28/12: Denmark's ban on antibiotic use in pork production - lauded in Nature
6/28/12: Affordable Care Act ruled constitutional
6/26/12: APUA campaign to strengthen FDA draft Guidance #213: 16 days left!
6/20/12: APUA Newsletter Vol.30 No.1 quoted in The Lancet
6/19/12: The human microbiome: bacteria as an ecosystem, not a war zone
6/13/12: APUA campaign to strengthen FDA draft Guidance #213
6/7/12: Antibiotic ointments used inappropriately in prisons as lip balm and hair grease
6/6/12: Zinc supplements reduce antibiotic failure by 40%
6/4/12: Chipotle backs stronger FDA regulations

May 2012
5/27/12: Financial Times article: "Public health: Raised resistance"
5/12/12: Natural antimicrobial peptide found in water buffalo could treat mastitis in dairy cattle
5/14/12: Representatives Markey and Slaughter confront FDA about potential link between ethanol byproducts in animal feed and antibiotic resistance
5/8/12: APUA sponsors national stakeholder meeting on antibiotic use in food animals
5/7/12: Nanoparticles might be the key to targeting drug-resistant bacteria with large doses of antibiotics
5/2/12: Supermoms Against Superbugs Advocacy Day

April 2012
4/19/12: More than 100 types of drug-resistant bacteria found in 4-million-year-old cave
4/17/12: APUA article in The Scientist: "Antibiotics in the animals we eat"
4/11/12: Low levels of common antibiotics found in distillery grain, added to animal feed
4/2/12: IDSA tesimony before the House Subcommittee on Health proposing new drug approval mechanism

March 2012
3/30/12: FDA ordered to finalize withdrawal of approval for tetracyclines and penicillins in animal feed
3/21/12: WHO: "End of modern medicine"
3/12/12: CDC campaign to stop C. difficile infections
3/8/12: IDSA's new drug approval approach
3/7/12: 2010 Retail Meat Report: % and complexity of antibiotic resistance rising

February 2012
2/27/12: 60% of treatments against ESBL-producing bacteria are inadequate
2/21/12: MRSA may spread from livestock to humans
2/16/12: Antibiotics not effective in treating sinus infections
2/15/12: Gonorrhea developing resistance to cephalosporins, could become untreatable
2/14/12: Progress in developing a Salmonella vaccine
2/9/12: U.K. designates £500,000 for research into ESBL-producing bacteria
2/2/12: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in 37 U.S. states

January 2012
1/30/12: Mathematical modeling to optimize antibiotic treatment duration
1/24/12: Cross-resistance could make bacteria resistant to human innate immune system
1/23/12: Center for a Livable Future: more FDA action needed on cephalosporins
1/18/12: Latest market research report on state of the antibiotic development pipeline
1/17/12: Reversing drug resistance through gene transfer from bacteriophages
1/13/12: Totally resistant tuberculosis
1/5/12: APUA applauds FDA restriction on extra-label uses of cephalosporins
1/3/12: FDA withdraws petition to regulate tetracyclines and penicillins

December 2011
12/21/11: Drug-resistant Salmonella outbreak
12/20/11: CDC recommends new regimen for treating latent TB (here)
12/19/11: Experts call for review of penicillin dosage in children
12/15/11: "All-natural" meat business and calls for antibiotic-free meat
12/14/11: Evaluation of rapid screening tests for MRSA
12/13/11: Bacteriophage liquid cleanser could be cheap way to prevent at antibiotic resistance
12/7/11: Sewage wastewater contributes to antibiotic resistance
12/6/11: New skin anti-infective AgaDerm effective against virulent MRSA
12/5/11: Resistance lingers for years after farms stop using antibiotics
12/1/11: Innovative Medicines Initiative targets public/private collaboration to spur drug development

November 2011
11/30/11: Low-nutrient environments increase resistance in bacteria
11/29/11: Synthetic compound BU-005 blocks resistance mechanisms in drug-resistant bacteria (study)
11/28/11: Antibiotic resistance spreading across Europe prompts offerings of up to 350 million euro for drug development research
11/21/11: APUA article in Clinical Microbiology Reviews: antibiotic resistance can start in aquaculture
11/18/11: CDC Get Smart Week: "Resistance anywhere is resistance everywhere"
11/17/11: CDC Get Smart Week: "Preserving antibiotics for the future"
11/16/11: CDC Get Smart Week: "Antibiotic stewardship - the ultimate return on investment"
11/15/11: CDC Get Smart Week: "Delivering safe care for patients - all healthcare providers play a role"
11/14/11: CDC Get Smart Week: "Antibiotics - will they work when you really need them?"
11/10/11: FDA denies two petitions to ban certain antibiotics (FDA response here)
11/9/11: Leech-like Micavibrio could act as living antibiotic
11/8/11: N. gonorrhoeae growing more drug-resistant (study here)
11/7/11: Antibiotic prescribing in ambulatory pediatrics in the U.S.
11/1/11: 473 public schools in Chicago now serving antibiotic-free chicken to students

October 2011
10/28/11: Bacteriophages can transfer resistance genes between bacteria
10/19/11: World's most advanced malaria vaccine (RTS,S) in Phase 3 clinical trials
10/13/11: Efforts intensified to prevent spread of artemisinin-resistant malaria parasites
10/12/11: WHO Western Pacific Region adopts six-point policy package to fight drug resistance
10/11/11: Study of 31 European countries finds that resistant infections cost 62 million euro ($92.8 million) in 2007
10/10/11: Antivirulence drugs instead of antibiotic drugs - could they prevent evolution of resistance?(Read the paper here)
10/6/11: China cracking down on illegal sales of antibiotics

September 2011
9/22/11: TATFAR releases its recommendations for collaboration between the U.S. and EU in fighting resistance
9/21/11: "ResistanceMap" launched by CDDEP shows that the U.S. has the highest rates of MRSA and VRE
9/7/11: U.S. GAO report warns that agencies have made limited progress in addressing antibiotic use in food animals
9/6/11: WHO (Southeast Asia Region) adopts the Jaipur Declaration to fight antimicrobial resistance

August 2011
8/22/11: Investigators at MGH develop noninvasive probe to detect abnormal growths of S. aureus
8/19/11: Rise of antibiotic resistant Salmonella in dairy production in developing world
8/19/11: Dr. Stuart Levy quoted in Huffington Post article that attacks factory farming
8/16/11: Harmless E. coli strain engineered to destroy deadly pathogen P. aeruginosa
8/16/11: Antimicrobial resistance falls dramatically on poultry farms that go organic
8/16/11: XF-73 drug that prevents emergence of resistance enters clinical trials

July 2011
7/25/11: Emergence of cephalosporin-resistant strains of Shigella dysenteriae
7/25/11: Dr. Stuart Levy in The Boston Globe: "The end of the era of antibiotics"
7/20/11: Diagnostics: glowing white blood cells distinguish between viral vs. bacterial infections
7/20/11: Diagnostics: MDI's Detect-Ready can distinguish MRSA and MSSA
7/20/11: S. aureus carries the low-cost multidrug resistance gene cfr
7/14/11: Hot tea and coffee may be linked to lower levels of resistant bacteria
7/14/11: Treatment alternative to antibiotics: bacteriophages
7/14/11: Mutation in single gene found to confer resistance to daptomycin (Cubicin)
7/11/11: Emergence of cephalosporin-resistant strain of gonorrhea
7/11/11: Nanopolymer "shield" allows antibiotic to target resistant bacteria while remaining harmless to body
7/7/11: Artificial synthesis of antibiotic tetracyclines may drive development of novel drugs
7/6/11: $10 million partnership between Sanofi and Rib-X Pharmaceuticals to develop novel drugs against resistant bacteria
7/6/11: C. difficile outbreak in Niagara region
7/5/11: Huge discrepancy in NIH funding for HIV/AIDS research vs. funding for antibiotic resistance research
7/5/11: Copper surfaces in ICU's effective against bacteria that cause healthcare-associated infections
7/5/11: Fast and easy detection of carbapenem-resistant bacteria7/1/11: Potential for non-antibiotic treatment of osteomyelitis caused by S. aureus
7/1/11: Merck approved to market anti-MRSA drug Cubicin in Japan

June 2011
6/30/11: World HAI Forum calls for universal charter on good antibiotic stewardship
6/30/11: TACD forum demands total ban on non-therapeutic use of antibiotics on farm animals and crops
6/30/11: Multidrug-resistant bacteria found in 80% of Dutch poultry
6/29/11: Silver wound dressings to combat increased antimicrobial resistance
6/29/11: Resistant strain of scarlet fever causes epidemic in HK
6/28/11: Ohio drug startup focused on MRSA infection
6/27/11: FDA announces upcoming NARMS meeting
6/24/11: Why the German E. Coli outbreak was so deadly
6/23/11: E. coli outbreak was caused by mix of two deadly strains
6/22/11: Lawrence Livermore National Lab identifies new bacteriophage proteins to combat resistant bacteria
6/21/11: World MRSA Day to fight against denial and inaction
6/20/11: PAMTA introduced in Senate as a bipartisan bill to address antibiotic use in animal feed
6/16/11: Suspected horse-to-human transmission of MRSA ST398
6/15/11: GAIN Act introduced in House as a bipartisan bill to combat the rise of drug-resistant infections
6/14/11: Cheap meningitis vaccine has success in West Africa for 50 cents/dose
6/9/11: E. coli death toll rises further in Germany
6/8/11: Rarer E. coli strains causing more illnesses in the U.S.
6/7/11: WHO: time running out to counter E. Coli outbreak
6/3/11: U.S. scientists question use of antibiotics against E. Coli in Europe
6/2/11: Rare strain causes deadliest modern outbreak of E. coli
6/1/11: Study finds fire stations contaminated with MRSA

May 2011
5/31/11: Potentially dangerous bacteria found on patients' cell phones
5/30/11: First instance of NDM-1 superbug in Canada
5/26/11: Antibiotics in animal feed encourage emergence of superbugs: NRDC files lawsuit against FDA
5/25/11: UCSF studies examine antibiotic prescribing patterns for children
5/24/11: Diagnostic test identifies new form of drug-resistant Staphylococcus, hVISA
5/23/11: Children with asthma often prescribed unnecessary antibiotics
5/20/11: Drugs unable to keep up with resistant bacteria
5/19/11: Early antibiotics may increase risk of asthma
5/17/11: Handful of biotech companies leading efforts to develop antibiotics against drug-resistant pathogens
5/17/11: Wall Street Journal: antibiotics in livestock feed raises concerns
5/17/11: Growing bed bug problem fuel fears
5/13/11: Dr. David Wallinga: MRSA in bedbugs and meat
5/12/11: Fighting antibiotic resistance in livestock and pets
5/11/11: GAIN Act seeks to improve antibiotic stewardship, incentivize new antibiotic development
5/10/11: First one-day susceptibility test for diagnosis of deadly bacteria
5/3/11: Drug-resistant tuberculosis spreads in Europe
5/2/11: To battle superbugs, re-incentivize antibiotic R&D

April 2011
4/29/11: Breakthrough findings in study of superbug MRSA
4/27/11: New killer NDM-1 superbugs pose world threat
4/26//11: ReAct: focus on surveillance efforts
4/25/11: New study adds to concerns about animal-to-human transfer of antibiotic resistance
4/22/11: Report calls for a global switch to more effective anti-malarial drugs
4/19/11: Antibiotic resistant bacteria found in 8% of children in Taiwan
4/18/11: Mandatory training sought to combat resistant bacteria
4/15/11: U.S. meat, poultry contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus bacteria
4/13/11: Superbugs may have found their match in manuka bees
4/12/11: "The endless struggle": editorial in The Lancet devoted to antibiotic resistance
4/8/11:  WHO calls for action on superbugs
4/7/11:  IDSA calls for broad attack on antimicrobial resistance
4/3/11:  Research warns of overuse of powerful classes of antibiotics: carbapenems and fluoroquinolones
4/1/11:  Report: antibiotic pipeline woefully thin

March 2011
3/31/11: What can be done about the rising risk of antibiotic resistance?
3/29/11: Early and appropriate antibiotic treatment Is essential for children with suspected pneumonia
3/28/11: Resistant pathogens are troubling considerations for patients with healthcare-associated pneumonia
3/26/11: California state health officials comment on superbugs
3/24/11: World TB Day
3/21/11: A guide to smarter, safer antibiotics
3/17/11: USDA and CDC: hog farmers overuse antibiotics
3/16/11: Antibiotic use reduced by over 12% in the Netherlands
3/14/11: Funds to cut hospital-acquired infections
3/10/11: British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy takes action on MRSA
3/9/11: Pew applauds introduction of Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act (PAMTA)
3/7/11: Carbapenem-resistant bacteria infections increase
3/2/11: "ResistanceMap" tracks rise in superbugs

February 2011
2/24/11: Researchers characterize pump that bacteria use to resist antibiotics
2/22/11: WHO publishes "Antimicrobial Resistance Fact Sheet"
2/15/11: Bans on antimicrobial use could hit U.S. poultry exports
2/13/11: New system may cut years off development time of new antibiotics
2/10/11: Supermarket chicken harbours superbugs: CBC
2/9/11: Race against time to develop new antibiotics
2/4/11: How much do antibiotics contribute to the spread of resistant bacteria when used on the farm?
2/3/11: New superbugs resist most powerful antibiotics
2/1/11: Livermore lab kills antibiotic resistant bacteria with their own genes
2/1/11: Fight against antimicrobial resistance recruiting new agents

January 2011
1/28/11: Superbugs from swine: antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in flies, roaches on hog farms
1/25/11: Center for Science in the Public Interest: antibiotic-resistant bacteria has emerged as a foodborne hazard
1/24/11: FDA 2011-2015 Plan for National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring
1/20/11: A new culprit: antibiotics
1/17/11: Researchers unzip MRSA and discover route for vaccine
1/16/11: Zinc may help ward off pneumonia in elderly
1/14/11: Predatory bacteria may help control antibiotic-resistant pathogens
1/7/11: EPA cited for ineffective regulation of antimicrobials
1/6/11: IDSA publishes first MRSA guidelines

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