2019 Update

Along with The Interregional Association for Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (IACMAC), APUA Russia has:

• Established programmes for interregional / national AMR monitoring (RosNet). 

• Developed Russian National Guidelines for AMR testing and harmonised with EUCAST Guidelines

• 2017 - 2019: held 2 International Congresses and 5 regional conferences on antimicrobial therapy.  Planned activities:

• XXI International Congresses on Antimicrobial Therapy in Moscow (22-24 May 2019)

• Russian-Chinese Congress on Antimicrobial Therapy (17-18 Oct 2019) Additional education activity includes

• Graduate educational courses on bacteriology and clinical pharmacology for bacteriologists and clinicians

• The first internet centre of distance education on antimicrobial chemotherapy in Russia

• All-Russian educational project “Diagnosis, treatment, prevention of infections caused by MDR  microorganisms”


Antibiotic resistance problems of major concern in Russia include the spread of multidrug resistant ESBL-producing organisms and MRSA. One of the causes of resistance problems identified by chapter members is the lack of regulation of antibiotic use in agriculture. These problems lead to challenges in treating infectious diseases that are prevalent in the country, such as acute respiratory infections.


APUA Russia was established in 1997 and since then, it has assisted in the development of other APUA chapters within the Eastern European region. Chapter members frequently participate in national and international conferences and symposiums.

Chapter Objectives and Priorities:

  • Establish and strengthen systems of surveillance of antibiotic use and resistance

  • Development of guidelines for curbing resistance

  • Promote the prudent use of antibiotics

  • Organize conferences and symposia

  • Support national and international research in the field of antimicrobial chemotherapy

  • Publish research results on antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance

  • Publish and distribute the APUA Newsletter in Russian.


Funded through the APUA Small Grants Program, APUA Russia conducted a study on "Cost-effectiveness analysis of miniVITAL automated system vs. routine microbiological procedures for blood cultures from ICU patients with sepsis."

The APUA Small Grants program also funded a study called, "The Inventory of Antibiotics in Russian Home Medicine Cabinets," conducted by L. S. Stratchounski, a professor at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at Smolensk State Medical Academy. The survey revealed that most Russian families possess antibiotics for systemic use at home and would use them without a doctor's prescription. This study served as the basis of a public information strategy aimed at promoting the prudent use of antibiotics.

The APUA Russia chapter has translated and published a Russian edition of the APUA Newsletter that was distributed to several APUA chapters in Eastern and Central Europe.

Chapter members are involved in a national surveillance program tracking data on antibiotic use, patient information and resistance patterns. Data collected from 35 regional laboratories are compiled in a central laboratory.

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Roman S. Kozlov
Andrey V. Dekhnitch
Anatoly Nikulin


Educational web project, "Map of Resistance" (http://www.antibiotic.ru/)
Summarizes published data on antimicrobial resistance of main bacterial pathogens causing community-acquired and nosocomial infections. The aim of this project is to provide free access to information about antimicrobial resistance in every region of Russia for specialists. Map of antimicrobial resistance of Russia includes results of the studies carried out by Institute of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (IAC), Interregional Association for Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (IACMAC), Scientific Center of Monitoring Antimicrobial Resistance of the Federal Agency of Health and Social Development (SCMAR). All data are constantly updated as new results of surveys are published.

Internet Center of Distance Education on Antimicrobial Chemotherapy in Russia (http://www.antibiotic.ru/en/re/). For the time being, more than 350 physicians from different regions of Russia and other countries have successfully completed the course. This course is officially recognized by MoH.

Publication of the 3rd edition of "Practical guideline on antiinfectious chemotherapy," together with US Pharmacopoeia (editors Stratchounski L.S., Belousov Yu.B., Kozlov S.N.), 2007, 464. 20,000 copies issued. The guideline is distributed among doctors free of charge.

Publication of "Guideline on antimicrobial therapy" (editor Stratchounski L.S.), 2006, 384. 20,000 copies issued. The guideline is distributed among doctors free of charge.

"Current clinical recommendations on antimicrobial therapy" (Issue 1 -2004, 384 p., 5,000 copies issued; Issue 2 - 2007, 608 p., 2,000 copies issued)