Executive Committee member of APUA-Indonesia, Dr. Usman Hadi, produced a 2009 report, Antibiotic usage and antimicrobial resistance in Indonesia, suggesting common inappropriate usage of antibiotics and high levels of resistant bacteria in patients following hospital stays.

A review of medical records from two hospitals showed that almost 60 percent of antibiotic prescriptions qualified as unjustified or inappropriate. In addition, one out of five antibiotic samples acquired from a variety of sources were found to be substandard, another factor that contributes to poor outcomes and increased resistance in developing nations.

The main problem is the inefficient and ineffective management of infection. The four main factors contributing to this problem are: 1) Lack of knowledge and skill of the prudent use of antibiotics; 2) Weak capabilities of Microbiology Laboratories (mainly in District hospitals); 3) Centralized management of drug prescriptions and buying antibiotics is not common in most hospitals; and 4) The national validated data of antimicrobial resistance is scarce.

The goal of APUA-Indonesia is to contain these problems, both locally or nationwide.


APUA Indonesia was founded in 2007. The chapter works to increase awareness about the dangers associated with inefficient antibiotic usage; to develop a network with all health professions locally and globally in order to prevent the emerging and spread of antimicrobial resistant bacteria through prudent use of antibiotics; to develop close contact among all health professions in combating infectious diseases in Indonesia; to disseminate the knowledge of prudent use of antibiotics among all health professions in Indonesia; to provide data of antimicrobial resistant bacteria for clinicians and other health professions.


  • Training in the prudent use of antibiotics  
  • Currently training is taking place in approximately 20 teaching hospitals across Indonesia.
  • Surveillance of AMR
  • Surveying of MRSA multicentres (3 Cities)


Prof. Kuntaman, MD., MSc., PhD., Clinical Microbiologist


Vice Chairman:
Hari Paraton, MD., Obstetrics-Gynaecologist


Lindawati Alimsardjono, MD., MSc., Clinical Microbiologist


Dra. Nun Zairina, Clinical Pharmacist


Prof. Widjoseno Gardjito, MD, Surgeon-Urologist
Dra. Erni P. Kolopaking, MPPM, Pharmacist
Prof. Ismoedijanto, MD, PhD, Pediatrician