In 2001, a group of Brazilian health professionals worked together and successfully established APUA-Brazil, headquartered in Brasilia. APUA International nominated Dr. Helio Silva Sader and Dr. Antonio Carlos Pignatari, both renowned Brazilian scientists and physicians, to initially lead the chapter.


The mission of APUA-Brazil is to promote the appropriate use of antibiotics and set forth the control of antimicrobial resistance on a world level through research and education activities.


  • To alert the public of problems stemming from antimicrobial resistance and the related risks of the improper use of antibiotics.
  • To promote the appropriate use of antibiotics by professionals in the area of human health.
  • To promote the prudent use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine.
  • To report information about bacterial susceptibility in relationship to the antibiotics.
  • To promote and stimulate research and educational projects in this area.


  1. To support local research on the development of antimicrobial resistance.
  2. To promote exchange of information and experiences at both national and international levels, in order to reduce antimicrobial resistance.
  3. To organize meetings, seminars and conferences at a national level about topics related to antibiotics and bacterial resistance.
  4. To develop programs in order to stimulate the prudent use of antibiotics in human and veterinary medicine, and reducing its resistance.
  5. To gather information and documentation about the prudent use of antibiotics and making them available to professionals, organizations, and the general public.
  6. To provide assistance to the Brazilian Government in formulating politics, rules, and regulations related to the prudent use of antibiotics and to monitor antimicrobial resistance.
  7. To promote training and other educational activities targeting toward providing continuous information and educational updating on the prudent use of antibiotics.
  8. To elaborate educational material on the prudent use of antibiotics and bacterial resistance and to distribute them throughout the country through the APUA newspapers.
  9. To distribute available regional information based on local antimicrobial susceptibility profile.
  10. To communicate through the media, news related to the use of antibiotics.
  11. To participate in programs which prohibit the commercialization of antibiotics without a medical prescription.



Dr. Julival Ribeiro, APUA-Brazil Chapter Leader

Group of Directors

Dra. Adília J Segura -DF
Dra. Ana C Gales -SP
Dra. Flávia Rossi-SP
Dra. Áurea Paste - BA
Dra. Celeste Aída Nogueira Silveira - DF
Dra. Denise Marangoni - RJ
Dr. Emerson Valadares - DF
Dr. Helio Silva Sader - SP
Dr. Luis Fernando Aranha Camargo - SP
Dr. Mauro Salles - SP
Dra. Marisa Santos -RJ
Dra. Simone Nouer- RJ
Dr. Flavio Teles -PR
Dr. Valter Rótolo da Costa Araújo - SC
Dr.Ricardo D. Guzmán -DF


APUA - Brasil
SEPS 713/913 - Lote E - Edifício AMBR - 1º andar - sala F5 Brasília - Distrito Federal
CEP: 70390 - 135