1/26/2016: Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics Voices Support for Global Industry Declaration Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance

12/9/2015: Boston University Law Professor Kevin Outterson Hailed as Leader in Global Effort to Contain Antibiotic Resistance

9/3/2015: APUA and Clorox Healthcare announce a partnership to raise awareness on the link between antimicrobial stewardship, environmental hygiene and infection control practices.

6/25/2015: APUA announces Honor Roll companies recognized for their antibiotic stewardship. The Honorees are:

  • McDonald's
  • Perdue Farms
  • Smithfield Foods
  • Costco
  • Tyson Foods

"Through their leadership and best practices, these companies strive for healthful quality and assert pressure on the food animal industry to stop overusing antibiotics for non-therapeutic purposes and growth promotion," said APUA President Dr. Stuart Levy.

6/2/2015: Dr. Levy participated in the first ever White House Forum on Antibiotic Stewardship

3/26-3/28/2015: Dr. Levy presents a short talk at the 6th Annual CUGH Conference that took place in Boston

3/10/2015: Barbara Lapinskas and Jane Kramer represented APUA at the BAARN Conference at the Broad Institute, MIT

9/5-9/9/2014: Thank you to Dr. Levy, Chris Logan, Kathy Young, and Arnold Reinhold for supporting our APUA booth at ICAAC this weekend


6/30/2014: APUA's advocacy and resources contributed to the FDA's its first biannual report on its progress toward implementation of Guidance #213.

  • Overview: The FDA has secured the voluntary engagement of all 26 affected animal health companies; of the 283 drug products, 31 have been withdrawn from the market, and partial label changes have been completed for two other products. 
  • FDA resources here and here.
  • APUA resources here

5/21/2014: APUA is mentioned for it's contribution to Alere's launch of the Test Target Treat Initiative to fight antibiotic resistance

5/9/2014: Dr. Stuart Levy participated on a panel for NPR's show On Point with Tome Ashbrook discussing the recent WHO AMR Report from 10-11am5/6/2014: Sara Readon's Nature article "Antibiotic resistance sweeping developing world"quotes APUA President Dr. Stuart Levy

5/4/2014: President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) is preparing a major report on antimicrobial resistance.

4/30/2014: APUA representatives, Dr. Stuart Levy and Kathleen Young served on the panel of reviewers of the WHO report, “Antimicrobial resistance: global report on surveillance”

4/30/2014: Nature supplement on antibiotic resistance interviews Dr. Levy in "Public Health: The Politics of Antibiotics"; key to reducing antibiotic use by 50% is better diagnostics

4/30/2014: APUA President Dr. Stuart Levy cautions the use of antibiotics to treat malnourished children after study in Malawi finds successful treatment of malnutrition with amoxicillin4/16/14: APUA was cited on the cover of April's Managed Care magazine regarding the cost of antibiotic resistance

4/10/14: An Interview with Dr. Sturat Levy, APUA President

2/28/2014: An article in Women's Health Magazine, "What If Antibiotics Stopped Working?" quoted Dr. Levy: "It's a societal problem," says APUA President Dr. Stuart Levy, speaking of antibiotic resistance. "One person's use—or abuse—of an antibiotic could be another person's demise."

2/25/2014: APUA announced its first Honor Roll of companies that responsibly limit antibiotic use in food products. The chosen companies are:

  • Applegate
  • Bell & Evans
  • Chipotle
  • Coleman Natural
  • Heritage Acres Foods
  • Niman Ranch
  • Panera Bread
  • Sweetgreen
  • Whole Foods

"Through their leadership and best practices, these companies strive for healthful quality and assert pressure on the food animal industry to stop overusing antibiotics for non-therapeutic purposes and growth promotion," said APUA President Dr. Stuart Levy.

2/5/2014: APUA President Dr. Stuart Levy participated in a forum discussion at the Harvard School of Public Health, titled "Battling Drug-Resistant Superbugs: Can We Win?" Read about it here, or watch the recording here

2/2/2014: Dr. Levy was interviewed by the radio program "Sound Medicine" at Indiana University on the FDA's new plan to phase out the use of antibiotics in food animals. Listen to the recording here

12/16/2013 - 12/17/2013: Many news outlets consulted APUA and Dr. Levy on the new FDA requirements on antibacterial products going forward: See The New York Times,Associated PressWall Street JournalBoston GlobeNBC News, and abc News

Dr. Stuart Levy:

  • "The FDA is finally making a judgment call here and asking industry to show us that these products are better than soap and water, and the data don't substantiate that."
  • “I think they’re ready to take on hard issues that they did not before.”
  • "This has been on the agenda for a number of years, and finally we are hearing from the FDA that they are in line with what was recommended by experts to their advisory board several years ago."
  • “It’s an issue that’s been brewing since the mid-1990s. We’ve been testifying against these products and waiting for the FDA to do something.”

12/12/2013: Marketplace interviewed Dr. Levy for their story "Will Farmers Feed Their Livestock Fewer Antibiotics?"

“Seventy percent of all antibiotics produced in this country, by weight, go to animals,' says Stuart Levy, a professor at Tufts University and president of the Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics. He says almost all of those are feed additives. 'Do we need all this antibiotic usage?' he asks. 'The answer is no.” 

12/12/2013: The Weather Channel interviewed Dr. Levy for their article "FDA Plan to Lessen Antibiotics in Food Overdue, Scientists Say."

12/11/2013: The New York Times interviewed Dr. Levy for their article on the new FDA guidelines for antibiotic use in food animals. 

"Longtime critic of the F.D.A. on antibiotics, Dr. Stuart B. Levy, a professor of microbiology at Tufts University and the president of the Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics, praised the new rules. He was among the first to identify the problem in the 1970s. 'I’m kind of happy,' he said. 'For all of us who’ve been struggling with this issue, this is the biggest step that’s been taken in the last 30 years.

"8/13/2013: Dr. Levy video recorded for a "Science for the Public" Spotlight at Tufts School of Medicine. Available here

7/8/2013: Dr. Levy interviewed in a WBUR article describing new research that examines antibiotics damaging cells.

In a study published in Science Translational Medicine, James J. Collins, a B.U. biomedical engineer, says his research in mice suggests that certain antibiotics, taken long-term, could be damaging our own cells.  Dr. Levy comments on the role of bacteriocidal antibiotics and the need for further research.

7/2/2013: APUA is mentioned in The Preventing Antibiotic Resistant Act 2013 as mentioned in a Yahoo! article about antibiotics in the meat industry. 

“In 2009, Cook County Hospital and the Alliance for Prudent Use of Antibiotics estimated that the total health care cost of antibiotic resistant infections in the United States was between $16,600,000,000 and $26,000,000,000 annually,” according to the bill.  

6/20/2013: The APUA Nutrition Group's letter to the editor "Antibiotics for Uncomplicated Severe Malnutrition" (cautioning the overuse and misuse of antibiotics in treating severe malnutrition in resource-limited settings) published in the Correspondence section of the New England Journal of Medicine. Click here to view the press release.


5/13/2013: Dr. Levy interviewed in  PBS Frontline about the controversy of antibiotic use in food animals. 

4/22/2013: APUA is mentioned in a Yahoo! article about the causes of antibiotic resistance, including the overprescription of unnecessary antibiotics. 

3/29/2013: APUA comments on the importance of hygiene to combat antibiotic resistance in "Patient Safety". Other articles in the USA Today supplement advocate for patients to become a more well-informed consumer when it comes to their own healthcare and safety.

2/11/2013: Dr. Stuart Levy (APUA President) comments on China's overuse of antibiotics in livestock and how such use may harm human health.

11/14/2012: Along with other leading international health care organizations, Stuart Levy (APUA President) signs letter to the Financial Times advocating for new antibiotic development as well as strong antibiotic stewardship of existing antibiotics.

9/28/2012: The article by Katharine Greider appears in the October issue of the AARPand can be viewed online on the AARP website. The author elaborates on how the misuse of antibiotics in humans leads to resistance and Dr Stuart Levy's advice is quoted, "You don't want to take antibiotics without a physician's advice. Don't stockpile them. Don't beg for them. You don't take antibiotics for the common cold." The article also points out the problems associated with overuse of antibiotics in food production. Dr Levy is quoted once more, "Resistance is produced and amplified by the misuse of antibiotics. There are lives being lost. And the solution is to get... antibiotics out of the environment as best we can."

6/20/2012: Kevin Outterson's (J.D., Health Law Program of Boston University) article in the APUA Clinical Newsletter Vol.30No.1 cited in world report "Europe to boost development of new antimicrobial drugs" in June 16 issue of The Lancet

3/7/2012: Dr. Stuart Levy (APUA President) cited in Boston Globe article "Massachusetts teams help reduce spread of often fatal germ" about APUA and CDC efforts to fight incidence of C. difficile infections in hospitals through the CDC Vital Signs campaign

1/25/2012: Dr. Stuart Levy's (APUA President) letter to the editor "Antibiotics in animals"(applauding the FDA ban on cephalosporin use in food animals) published in the Opinion section of the New York Times

1/4/2012: Kathleen Young (APUA Executive Director) gives antibiotic use statistics in an article in Bloomberg News"Antibiotic use restricted by U.S. in livestock and poultry"

11/18/2011: Dr. Stuart Levy (APUA President) and Bonnie Marshall's (APUA Staff Scientist) article "Food animals and antimicrobials: impacts on human health" published in October 2011 issue of Clinical Microbiology Reviews

10/17/2011: APUA recognizes ESCMID and the APUA-Nepal chapter for their invaluable work in controlling resistance and improving treatment

5/20/11: Dr. Stuart Levy (APUA President) and Bonnie Marshall's (APUA Staff Scientist) article "Don't share that clarinet: bacteria can linger on woodwind instruments for days"published in the May 2011 web issue of Science News

5/8/11: Dr. Stuart Levy (APUA President) receives Hamao Umezawa Award from the ISC at this year's European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

4/11/11: Dr. Tom O'Brien (APUA Vice President) and Dr. John Stelling's (Co-director of WHO Collaborating Centre for Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance) article,"Integrated multilevel surveillance of the world's infecting microbes and their resistance to antimicrobial agents" published in April 2011 issue of Clinical Microbiology Reviews

4/7/11: "To save antibiotics, make them a separate class of drugs" an APUA press release in conjunction with World Health Day

3/31/11: APUA and Cook County Hospital study on the cost of resistance cited in an article in The Economist, "The spread of superbugs: what can be done about the rising risk of antibiotic resistance?"

2/21/11: "Harvard Vanguard pushing for judicious antibiotic use" as reported by theMedford Transcript

1/10/11: Dr. Stuart Levy (APUA President) profiled in an interview with the Boston Globe,"A leader of the resistance"

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