Cross-continental travel of both humans and goods spreads antibiotic resistant bacteria from one country to another. Headquartered in Boston, APUA has established affiliated chapters in 19 countries, and has an expanding network in multiple sub-Saharan African countries. This global network of infectious disease experts supports country-based activities to control and monitor antibiotic resistance tailored to local needs and customs. The APUA network facilitates the exchange of objective, up-to-date scientific and clinical information among scientists, health care providers, consumers and policy makers worldwide.

APUA chapters serve these vital functions:

  • Raising awareness about the problem of resistance within a country and about the dangers of incorrect antibiotic usage and faulty prescriptions;
  • Communicating information on proper antibiotic usage;
  • Fostering related research and educational projects;
  • Providing a multidisciplinary approach to interventions; fostering scientifically sound solutions;
  • Affording a local platform for input and feedback into global planning efforts;
  • Providing international networking opportunities to enhance their knowledge and effectiveness at the country level;
  • Working in partnership with Ministers of Health and public health organizations to improve antimicrobial use around the world.

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  • Global Research to Improve Antimicrobial Policy and Practice (GRIP) Program: APUA’s GRIP Program provided technical assistance and small research grants to research teams in developing countries for short-term research and research-based educational activities designed to curb antibiotic resistance and promote the prudent use of antibiotics. APUA Chapters in Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Columbia, Cuba, Guatemala, India, Moldova, Nepal, Peru, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Uruguay and Vietnam were awarded grants for research projects.